Fish Tacos with Purple Potato Salad: 5 de Mayo

Fish Tacos with Purple Potato Salad: 5 de Mayo

Happy 5 de Mayo everyone! I know it’s tomorrow, but I’ll be on the road and it’s one of my favourite celebrations of all time. Have I ever told you that I love Mexican food? Well, in case I haven’t, I just told you. 5 de Mayo is probably one of the oldest traditions I’ve been celebrating in my “adult” life. Every 5th of May I cook Mexican food and decorate everything as Mexican as I can (leaving out the typical clichés, of course) and if I’m in the mood, I drink Margaritas all afternoon.

One thing that is always on the table is food. Duh! So predictable. Usually Tacos, Guac and Enchiladas. But sometimes I try less “typical” Mexican food and find hidden gems from this rich and delicious gastronomy.

Today, to celebrate 5 de Mayo, I am giving you an easy taco recipe. You can buy the corn tortillas, but if you make them yourself they usually taste much better. I’ll give you the recipe for the tortillas soon, when I measure everything. Or probably in another post.


For the fish tacos:

2 salmon fillets

1 red onion

1 big  radish

2 tbsp chipotle

6 tiny orange peppers (or a big one. Any colour will do… but for this recipe I’d rather use orange or yellow)

4 corn tortillas

A bunch of mixed lettuce leaves

Black pepper

Lime juice

For the purple potato salad:

6 purple potatoes

1 bird eye chili

A bunch of cilantro

1 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp lime juice



For the salad:

Cook the potatoes by boiling them. Or, you can boil/roast them in a microwave. For baby potatoes, 5 minutes is more than enough. If you need more information about cooking potatoes in the microwave, ask me…I’m kind of an expert.

For the tacos:

Heat the tortillas in a pan on low heat for a couple of minutes each side.

Dice the salmon, the peppers and the radish.

Cover the base of the tortilla with a little bit of chipotle, add some lettuce, radish, pepper and salmon.

Add a lime wedge in order to season right before you eat it. Add some black pepper and some chopped cilantro on top if you like.

Here you are! You’re welcome. This year I’ll be on the road to Bilbao, but I’ve made these ahead in order to share with you. I hope I can have a Margarita somewhere. If you know a good place in Bilbao for that…let me know! Have fun!

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