Lomo Bajo (Barcelona)

Lomo Bajo (Barcelona)

I’m in Barcelona now and I’ll be staying for a couple of days working. I’m going to try and visit some new places and I’m pretty excited about it.

A month ago, we were touring with Glen Hansard and one of the places we went to was Barcelona. I was so grateful, because it’s one of my favourite places to visit. I knew I wanted to visit Lomo Alto restaurant because I’ve tried some nice stuff at Forum Gastronòmic (you can read the post I wrote about it here).

Lomo Bajo-3
Anyway, the time came and, as always, I didn’t have any time for restaurants. But I didn’t want to give up so fast, so in between interviews on the telephone in car parks and coffee shops, and other work-related stuff I decided to visit Lomo Bajo, which has the essence of Lomo Alto (matured beef) but with the twist of making it more informal, like street food. They even have cute boxes to take away.

Lomo Bajo-5
The decoration and design was lovely. It simulated a butcher’s shop. The typical white tiles, the toilet sink, the counters exposing the matured beef… Also, the posters hanging on the walls were perfect for the place.

Lomo Bajo-4
I’m kind of fond of brioche for savoury dishes and I knew directly from Carles Tejedor that they made Tartar Rolls at Lomo Bajo, and I could taste the tartar at Forum Gastronòmic and knew it was very good.

Lomo Bajo-1
I inspected the menu for a couple of minutes and decided to go for the Tartar Roll, the Cecina Roll and some onion rings. The Tartar Roll was as expected, perfect. The sweet bread, perfectly roasted, balanced by the creamy matured beef tartar with its distinct flavour. A hint of spice and some egg cream on top. Delicate, savoury, spicy and a little sweet. The perfect amount of everything combined with the perfect contrasting textures.

Lomo Bajo-6
The Cecina Roll was more or less what I expected. Cecina is the word we use for some cured meats. In this case, beef. The flavour was good, I’ve tried some excellent cecinas in my life, this one was very good. The brioche combined with the cured meat flavour and the amount of greens on top made it a very good roll.

Lomo Bajo-2

Although I have no complaint about this dish, it couldn’ compete with the Tartar Roll, I swear that one is something else.

Lomo Bajo-7
And what can I say about the onion rings? They were perfect too. Big, crunchy, flavourful. Contradicting the deep-fried method, they weren’t oily at all. On the other hand, they were very light. The modena sauce, a total match.

Lomo Bajo-8
So, I couldn’t try Lomo Alto yet, basically because when I go I know I’m going to need time to enjoy the meal properly. Lomo Bajo is just the perfect place for an informal meal by the hands of the same great chef.

Lomo Bajo-14
If you’ve ever visited the place, or if you’re curious about it, I would love if you share on the comments. Have fun!

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