Avocado Salad Bowl (SuperQuick&Easy)

Avocado Salad Bowl (SuperQuick&Easy)

Hey there!

Maybe it’s because I’m in Barcelona right now and the weather is warmer than in the North, but I’m in the perfect mood for an Avocado Salad. You’ll make this recipe in 5 minutes, I swear.


1 avocado (per person)

1/3 red bell pepper

1/2 chile chipotle from a can (I buy mine in the supermarket)

1 shallot or 1/2 red onion

1 tsp olive oil

A tiny bit of salt

1/2 lime (juiced)

Some chives

Cashew nuts


Cut the avocados in halves and add some salt and lime. Take the seed out but leave the skin on, you’ll eat it with a spoon and it’ll be easier.

Chop the onion, the pepper, the chives and the chipotle. 

Add some salt, olive oil and lime to the vegetables. Mix well. 

Fill the avocado holes with the salad. 

Add some cashew nuts on top. 

This is a perfect dish to take to a picnic now that the good weather is coming to stay (although not everywhere, I’ve been told) So, whenever you’re in a rush, you can cook this in literally 5 minutes and you’ll have a healthy, falvourful and colourful dish.

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