Welcome Summer

Welcome Summer

Summer has finally settled, so get ready to get a series of mouthwatering fresh Summer recipes from this girl! (As soon as I get my new kitchen installed)

But first, I wanted to introduce you to, probably everyone’s favourite season by giving you some tips to stay hydrated and cool in Summer (yes, both senses of cool):

  1. Drink plenty of water. Duh! Yeah, obvious. The probably new information is that it doesn’t need to be cold. Actually, it is more difficult for the body to stay cool if you give it water that is so much colder than your body temperature. If you want to be truly refreshed, add some fruit slices. Try citrus fruits because they deliver plenty of flavour and they look gorgeous in a glass. Mint is also a great choice. If you want to try other herbs, go for rosemary, thyme, cilantro, parsley…or any other you are willing to try. Veggies can be a great choice too. My all-time favourite is cucumber. Experiment mixing flavours and trying other types of fruits, herbs and veggies. Berries are also nice to the sight so include raspberries in one of them. Watermelon and melon have a lot of flavour too, so they are a great choice. If you feel brave, add some spices like fresh chopped chilies or crushed black pepper.
  2. Get hydrated in other ways. Like for instance eating plenty of fruits and veggies. Be careful with fruits that are high on sugar, as it can have the opposite effect. Some of my favourite fruits in Summer include melon and watermelon, grapes, peach and nectarine. they all have a great quantity of water and help you stay hydrated whileou enjoy a sweet treat at the same time. Of course, greens play their role in Summer as well. If you love making smoothies, try adding some celery, kale or spinach to reduce the sugar intake and increase the good properties such as calcium, iron and vitamins. I promise they won’t offer as much flavour as you expect and they will make your smoothie healthier. Of course, salads is another option.fruit-6.jpg
  3. Buy (or steal) a hat that keeps your head cool. It is more important than you think. Getting your head protected when the sun shines makes you stay cool, again, in both senses of the word. Find one that is light and transpires, if you choose a black closed hat you’ll be warmer than cooler. Try to find the one that suits your style and combines with your clothing. I stole the one I’m wearing on the photo from my aunt. It’s a Galician traditional dance hat, but I find it really handy and comfy for the Summer season.
  4. Try other liquids. Like for instance coconut water. I think it’s very refreshing and again hydrating. Don’t go for fizzy drinks, the high sugar content will dehydrate you at the end of the day. Unsweetened iced tea or coffee can be a good option, but add enough water, as both drinks can have a mild dehydrating effect on you if you don’t.​
  5. Always, and I mean ALWAYS use sunscreen. Find a good brand, one that is reliable and that suits your skin problems in case you have some. For people with oily skin that can be a difficult task. Right now I’m trying to make my own sunscreen. I love making my own “beauty” products, as they call them. If I succeed, I’ll let you know. In case you get burnt from accidental sun exposition (it happened to me once in 10 years, but…I wasn’t aware of the weather that day) have Aloe Vera directly put on the exposed area. Aloe is refreshing, cooling and helps healing the burnt areas of your skin (I also use it when I burn myself while cooking) It’s one of those reliable things. Use it at least three times a day and combine with a moisturizer if you feel your skin is dry. 
  6. Sweating can actually be refreshing. When I was younger I travelled to many hot countries, and the people there all agreed that spicy food is highly important in warm weather because it makes you sweat. Sweat gets cool on your skin and tat is what makes you cool (not both senses of the word this time)
    See that chili? That’ll make you sweat a whole glass. Click on the photo if you want the recipe 😌

    Try a warm tea if you aren’t hungry or any other hot liquid. Also, another way of sweating, if you don’t wat to eat or drink…you can go for a brisk walk or a jog. Appart from sweating, you help blood circulation and improve electrolyte levels. Don’t forget it’s a great way of staying healthy too hehe.

Hope this helps you have a great Summer. Let me know if you have any other trick you’d like to share. As always…

Have fun and keep fooding!

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